The Artist collection

Named after famous Dutch artists
The Clote collection !
The Clote collection !
Classic line of timeless eyewear collection.
What we do
What we do
The designs, the materials, the passion..
Still under construction
Still under construction
For all the retailers who want to see/order: send an email to with the frames you would like to have. Untill the shop is live.

Corona update


Our sincere apologies (hope this is the last one) for being closed this Saturday. Yesterday  a close family member past away within 24 hours of hearing that he might not be going home anytime soon. To soon as always especially as we didn’t get to say goodbye.  Because of our inconsistently opening hours hours the last year we owed you more explanation than a mere: closed due to private circumstances.

Please come

our shop tomorrow, Sunday 22-11, we will be open from around 14-18 for business. We will also be having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE. But more on that will be available this Monday here on

Eyemdutch Amsterdam


Back to business

Starting next week things should have settled down and everyone is back on board again.

We have some new and ‘crazy’ ideas to keep going, and to keep you satisfied. This will become reality much faster then the build of this website. my apologies for keeping you waiting. I will try to make up for those loyal customers as my plan unfolds these coming weeks.

Stay healty!


Monday closed

Tuesday : 11-18

Wednesday : 12-18

Thursday : 11-18

Friday : 12-18

Saturday : 11-18

Sunday : closed

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